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What do we do?

Our aim is to create and hold a comfortable and safe space for festival goers and provide 

specialised care to reduce the number of drug related hospitalisations and arrests at festivals. We offer emotional support for guests that are experiencing distressing and difficult situations, information on how to party safely as well as water and snacks. We also hold workshops during the year to help you and your friends out when DeepSpace isn't there so we can create a compassionate community that know how to look after their mates! We come from a variety of different backgrounds from mental health nurses, councillors, and genuine human beings who want to see a safe and thriving festival community! All volunteers have gone through specialised training on how to help ease difficult and uncomfortable situations for guests at these events.

Why is this important?

Harm reduction and drug education saves lives. The absence of solid drug education throughout our education leaves a gaping hole in early adult lives and can cause serious physical and emotional harm when substances are used without any knowledge on dosage, purity or effects. Our aim is to essentially remove the possibility for serious injury or death through education and de-escalation.


Want to get involved?
DeepSpace is only made possible through the incredible work and organisation of our team and volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers and team leaders to help with events, finance, social media, and graphic design. If you want to work within a revolutionary and progressive community orientated organisation, apply now!

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