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Welcome to DeepSpace!

Who are we and what do we do and WHY!

DeepSpace was set up as a response to the lack of specialised care at festivals and events for those experiencing difficult emotional situations. Our aim is to reduce the rates of unnecessary arrests and hospitalisations at festivals through peer to peer deescalation. We also provide information on how to party safely and what consent looks like, as often festival environments can be overwhelming. Around the world we have seen Harm Reduction on the increase at major commercial festivals with the likes of safespaces, psychedelic harm reduction, and drug testing becoming more prevalent, especially here in Aotearoa. Meanwhile, across the ditch we can see how the reactionary approach to drug harm and festival deaths has further increased the issue with unregulated substance abuse and over doses.

Safety is paramount for attendees, festival organisers, security and medical. We are the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" and the ones trying to educate participants so they can reduce harm on themselves and others. Having DeepSpace at your event assures you your attendees have a place to go, a place to get information, a place for respite. Over the past year we have had 94 people through our space over 6 festivals around Aotearoa. Those 94 people we have helped have taken a major strain off security, medical and the festival organisers.

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