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2020 - The year of a global pandemic, Tiger King, and Eutylone

First post of 2021 and I think its fair to say, where did that year go! From lockdown banana bread and sourdough, to a sun filled summer full of festivals. We had a great festivals season and we are SO lucky to of been able to of had one, thnx Ms Rona.

I'm sure if you attended a festival this past season you were made aware of Eutylone, that nasty substance that's been lurking in the NZ market masking itself as MDMA. Eutylone is part of the cathinone family, the team at Know Your Stuff have great articles about this substance, what it does, how it makes you feel and how to test for it if you can't get yourself to a Know Your Stuff testing station, we highly recommend you check it out here

But just because the weather is getting colder, there may not be as many festivals going around, eutylone will still be out there. This substance won't be going away, and the best thing you can do, and we've always said this is to TEST BEFORE YOU INGEST!

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