Grounding Tips and Tricks: 5 Senses

Harm reduction isn't only to do with substances, it's also to do with your mental and emotional health.

At DeepSpace we use grounding techniques to help people when they find themselves in difficult situations to help ground them and bring them back to the present moment.

The 5 senses is one of the exercises we use. You can use this helpful technique on yourself, or a friend when they are in need of some support. Whether that be emotionally, feeling stressed from work, a wave of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or just need some space to find themselves a bit, these tips are here to help.

The 5 senses - This is pretty self explanatory, using your 5 senses to find:

5 things you can see, You can say what you see out loud, in your head, or even write it down, but pay attention to the colors, textures, shadows, and the points of contact on the walls or trees or the building you see in front of you.

4 things you can hear, Think of the birds chirping, wind blowing through the trees, insects buzzing over, music that may be playing in the background.

3 things you can smell, Pick up on small smells wafting through the air, can you smell a sea breeze, flowers in bloom or your perfume you applied earlier today.

2 things you can taste, having a calming tea, or maybe the pick-me-up donut your getting later.

1 thing you can touch, where you may may be sitting, your heart, the grass.

Try out this handy tip the next time you need some personal grounding :)

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